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How do we get to be the best at anything

How do we get to be the best at anything

As an experienced contractor, achieving excellence means embracing learning, hard work, adaptability, and passion for growth and success.

Vetted and screened professionals.

Friendly 24/7 customer service

Affordable, upfront pricing

Take A Look Our High Rated Home Repair Services

Transforming Homes for 30+ Years - Your Trusted Experts in Renovation, Remodeling, and General Contracting Services. Experience Excellence Today!


Transform your home with our expert touch! From fresh coats of paint to skillful framing, we'll make your space a work of art


Crafting wonders from wood is our specialty! From custom furniture to intricate designs, our carpenters work magic with timber.


Illuminate your home with our top-notch electrical solutions. Lights, switches, and circuits - we've got it all under control.


No drips or leaks allowed! Our plumbing experts will keep your pipes in tip-top shape and your home dry and happy.

HVAC - Air Conditioner

Stay cool as a cucumber with our HVAC expertise. We'll keep your air conditioning running smoothly, bringing comfort to your home.


Framing the world outside with style! Our window installations offer clarity and beauty, allowing natural light to brighten your day.

Our Experience

With Several Clients


Tasks successfully



Avg. quotes

per task

12-48 Hrs

Avg. time to receive


Our Experience

With Several Clients


Tasks successfully



Avg. quotes

per task

12-48 Hrs

Avg. time to receive


What client say about us

"Absolutely thrilled with the home renovation done by this team! From start to finish, they were professional, attentive to detail, and delivered outstanding results. Our house has been completely transformed, and we couldn't be happier!"


Sarah and Mark T.

Barone LLC.

"We had our doubts about renovating our old house, but this company exceeded all our expectations. They turned our outdated space into a modern and functional dream home. The crew was friendly, and their craftsmanship was impeccable."


Jason Kollias

Acme Co.

Easy and Reliable home repair services.

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Frequently Asked Question

What experience does your company have in general contracting?

With over 20 years of experience in all forms of GC work, home renovations, repairs, and more, Nick's General Contracting is your top choice. Nick's journey from Albania at 19 has led to building a thriving industry reputation.

Are you licensed and insured? Can you provide proof of insurance and necessary permits?

Nick's General Contracting is fully licensed and insured, ensuring a worry-free experience. We gladly provide proof of insurance and all necessary permits for your peace of mind.

What types of projects does your company specialize in?

Specializing in full renovations, we cover all aspects, from framing to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. No job is too big or small. Call us, and we'll take care of you!

Can you provide references or examples of previous work?

References and examples of our previous work are available upon request, showcasing our expertise and excellence.

How do you handle project timelines and deadlines?

We carefully plan project timelines, considering staff availability and experience. Our overcommunication ensures timely completion, with minimal adjustments.

Will you provide a detailed written estimate before starting the project?

Before starting any project, you will receive an estimate either over the phone, via text, face to face, and can be finalized in writing based on the scope of work.

What payment schedule do you follow, and what payment methods do you accept?

For convenient transactions, we prefer ACH transfers to reduce fees, but we also accept credit/debit cards with a 3% processing fee. Our payment schedule is fair and transparent.

Do you have a team of skilled professionals, or do you use subcontractors?

With both skilled professionals and vetted subcontractors, we maintain the highest quality in all our projects.

How do you handle unexpected changes or additional work requests during the project?

Change orders are expected, and we collaborate with clients to reach mutually beneficial agreements, ensuring work gets done efficiently.

How do you ensure the safety of your workers and the work site?

Our OSHA-certified workers prioritize safety, using proper gear and equipment to protect everyone on the site.

Will there be a project manager overseeing the entire process?

Our dedicated project managers oversee the process to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.

How do you communicate with clients throughout the project?

We communicate via email, call, or text, adapting to your preferred mode of contact.

What warranties or guarantees do you offer on the work completed?

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee that you'll be happy with the final result. We go the extra mile to deliver on our promises.

Do you have a clean-up and debris removal plan after completing the project?

We factor in clean-up and debris removal in our proposals, ensuring a clean working space. For additional cleaning needs, we recommend Linda's Cleaning Service. Call for an estimate: 646-221-3793.

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How do you handle potential issues with materials or workmanship after the project is completed?

In case of any issues arising from materials or workmanship, we take responsibility and fix them promptly, ensuring no extra cost to you.

Are there any potential cost overruns that clients should be aware of?

Our detailed project budget outlines and contingency plans help prevent cost overruns. We ensure you're well-prepared for any direction the project may take.

Will you provide a written contract outlining all the details of the project?

Depending on the scope of the job, we create a written contract, detailing all aspects and prices.

How do you handle any disputes or disagreements that may arise during the project?

We prioritize resolving disputes amicably, and if necessary, we adjust payment based on services rendered.

What sets your company apart from other general contractors in the area?

Our 20+ years of experience, work ethic, compassion, and network of professionals set us apart. Choose Nick's General Contracting for unmatched dedication and results. We guarantee no one works harder than Nick!

Easy and Reliable home repair services.

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